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Cooking with Pro

Welcome to tonights course : Cooking with Pro!
Lets start immidiately, to begin with you'll need the right equipment and of course a real Pro.

Grill the Pro until its well done, or begins to glow for that matter. Notice we do not use any butter, for real low fat cooking!


When the Pro is hot enough the hide will come loose. Carefully peel the hide from the Pro.

Here you are, the Pro is cooked and ready to be served.

But wait what about desert? Here we have something everybody likes, a Pentium 90 Classic. No MMX, no 3DNow! and no fancy 0.13 micron manufacturing here. Just real good memories.

Well that wasn't so hard? was it?

But wait! does it still work?

Well, it does!

I hope you enjoyed reading the article, feel free to browse around there is much more to see!


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