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Sometimes people offer you an old computer from which you can take the CPU, eBay is a good place to find CPU's you want although that could get quite costly. And then there are companies that recycle old computer parts by seperating usable parts from the junk and sell the usable parts. Demotronic is such a company and i had the opportunity to visit them, have a look at how they work.

The Nx586 had a unique design, it was the first x86 CPU that used a RISC like architecture. At that time all x86 CPU's were based on a CISC architecture so NexGen called their instruction set RISC86. Because of the different design of the chip a needed a special motherboard with a chipset from NexGen was needed.

The processor that really started the Personal Computer business was the 8080! Four people designed the chip in about 1 year. Ted Hoff and Stan Mazor were responsible for the instruction set, and Federico Faggin and Masatoshi Shima were responsible for the circuit layout. The processor had 78 instructions and the 8080A ran at 2 MHz.

Site / Collection news

February 14, 2007
Fantastic news for every chipcollector! Demotronic, the German chip recycling company, opens its doors for chips collectors at the 17th of March. On Saturday the 17th you will be able to see with your own eyes how many chips Demotronic has in store. You will be given a tour in the building and they will show you how the recycling process works.

The best part is that you will be able to buy chips too. From their vast inventory i am sure collectors will find rare and special chips!
You can visit their website www.demotronic.net Everybody is welcome, if you also want to visit Demotronic mail them : info@demotronic.com

For those of you tha cannot come, please read my article on Demotronic. You can find it here.


March 26, 2006

At last i found a scanner which can scan my collection of K6-2 CPU's with engraved printings. (HP ScanJet 2400) The ones I had were all added to the site! In total 66 new CPU's/FPU's have been added to the collection making the new grand total of 902. Just 98 more to reach the magic 1000!

The site got a little update too, a new logo! I hope you all like it, any comments? please mail me. Compliments only please ;-)

I have also been busy writing new articles. Not so long ago I updated the article I had on the NexGen Nx586, but I got some new information which will be incorporated soon. Also, I wrote the first of a three part story on the AMD Athlon. Go ahead and read it, if you have any comments feel free to mail me.

Here are some of the more special chips from this update:

5050 83C87-DX40AMD Am386 DX/DXL
AMD K6-2/200AMD K6 Marketing sample
VIA Cyrix III 466MHzGreen MATH 4C87SLC-40
NexGen Nx586-P100 E/ENS486SXF-25
NS486SXL-25Transmeta TM3200 ES


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